Special designs

Platform gratings can take any shape based on the drawing

Special designs of gratings

Platform gratings can take any shape based on the drawing we receive and be equipped with such accessories as perforated sheets, toe boards, anti-slip strips, hinges, frames for anchoring in concrete, etc. Based on design documentation provided in dwg files, we can make any cuts in your platform gratings.

Boarding frames

Gratings with toe boards are used on operating platforms pursuant to the health and safety requirements. Higher grating frame in the form of a toe board wholly suffice as a shield. Gratings are framed with a toe board along the entire side length or its part as in a drawing attached to the order.

Platform grating in frame box

Gratings with frames allow to cover canals in concrete floors. Frames can be embedded in concrete surface prepared earlier or prior to concrete pouring. In the latter case, we make so-called runners used to concrete set the frame.

Anti-slip strips at grating edges

When you need to ensure anti-slipping properties on only one or two opposite sides of the grating, we use perforated angles. When such a component is welded along one grating side, slippage is minimised when climbing or descending from the structure.

Gratings with anti-slip angle are most often used as landings in stairways.


Anti-slip strips

If the slope of platforms ranges from 10 to 24 degrees, we suggest to use gratings with an extra welded component to increase slip resistance of the platform surface. The component we suggest to use is called perforated strip (flat bar with punched holes).

Perforated strip should be placed across the whole width of the grating and spaced at distances equal to the average step length, i.e. approx. 600 mm.

Custom-made cut-outs

Platform penetrations for services or installations

Perforated plate grating

Mesh-size reduced to 8x8 mm, with minimum grating-weight increase.