Shelf gratings

We manufacture shelf gratings using pressed platform gratings.
Shelf gratings
We manufacture shelf gratings using pressed platform gratings. This type of grating provides for multiple combinations in bar spacing and dimensions and optimal selection of gratings to match the required loads.

Shelf gratings are used most frequently in warehouse with pallet storage racks. They can also be applied in racks where it is allowable to use openwork shelves (not necessarily pallet racks).

Framing is a characteristic feature of this product and it allows you to maintain and stabilise shelf grating placed on or between the rack supporting beams. The framing may be made of plates with a height greater than the height of grating, or of angles (U-shaped bars are optional)
When dimensioning gratings for a rack externally, special attention should paid to keep adequate assembly clearances and accommodate manufacturing tolerances for gratings. And selecting shelf grating for required loads, please see the tables of loads or load calculator we provide, or contact our sales department. We will help you select the grating that will meet your technical requirements and be made with utmost cost-efficiency.

Shelf gratings - models

Model A

Type “A” framing of shelf grating involves higher two side frames along width "B" of a grating. Along length "L", standard grating is framed with flat bars. Higher framing on the outer side of a grating helps stabilise it in a rack module.
Download: shelf_grating_A.pdf

Model B

Type B framing of shelf grating involves higher two side framed along length "L" of a grating. Along width "B", standard grating is framed with flat bars. An undercut is made in the higher frame which enables to lean gratings against supporting bars and stabilise them in the rack module.
Download: shelf_grating_B.pdf

Model C

Type C framing of grating shelves combines type A and type B frames. Shelf grating is framed on its four sides. There are undercuts in two frames to lean gratings against supporting bars.
Download: shelf_grating_C.pdf

Model D

Type D framing of grating shelves is made of angle bars at two sides and standard two side framing with flat bars with a height equal to the load bearing bar. With this type of framing, platform gratings can be placed in a rack module, between its supporting beams.
Download: shelf_grating_D.pdf

Typical technological dimensions

Height [mm] 20; 25; 30; 35; 40
Thickness [mm] 2.3
Height [mm]9
Thickness [mm]1.5; 2
Mesh size (space between bearing bars) 22; 33; 44; 55; 66
Mesh spacing (space between cross bars) 44; 55; 66; 99
lenght: L = 2000 mm x width: B = 2000 mm
symbol / mesh / bearing bar / external panel dimensions / number of pieces
KWO type A / 44 x 66 / 30 x 2 / L=900 x B=1200 / 12